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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
December 19, 1909

Virginian, After Only Four Months of Commercial Operations, is Already Beginning to Pay

Roanoke World: President Broughton, Vice-President Rogers, General Manager Dupuy and Chief Engineer Fernstrom of the Virginian railway left for a trip over the line from Roanoke westward this morning after having spent the night in Roanoke. They came into Roanoke last evening in their special car attached to the regular train.
President Broughton gave no word of contemplated improvements other than that the general operations [Word blurred. Best interpretation shown.] would continue. He said that the 120-car, mile-long coal train that was sent from Roanoke eastward to Norfolk yesterday was not meant for show, but for a test of operating efficiency. He said that train's operation must show the splendid construction of the Virginian. He also said that the Virginian was built for operation and not for sale, else it would have been constructed much cheaper.
There is no burden, said he, and it is now, after only about four months of commercial operation paying. For years the tide was flowing toward the Virginian construction financially, but now the ebb has set in in substantial shape.
President Broughton and Mr. Rogers appeared well pleased with the conditions. This is the first trip they have taken over the road since they were here with the late H. H. Rogers last May. They will proceed New Yorkward from the western end of the road.
[New Yorkward??]

Gordon Hamilton
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