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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
December 22, 1909

New River, Holston and Western is Still Three Months From Rocky Gap

J. L. Boggess, a well known and prominent merchant of Narrows, is in the city and when asked last night by a Daily Telegraph man what progress has been made on the New River, Holston and Western extension said that there is still about three months work on the line to Rocky Gap. Forces of men are at work on the line and among the foremen is a son of Mr. Boggess'.
When asked what he thought the road was being extended for he said it was probably the intention to build to Bland courthouse. The distance from Rocky Gap to the courthouse is eighteen miles. Mr. Bogess said that road in his estimation will follow Wolf Creek to Walker's Creek and from Sharon's Springs will go over to Bland courthouse. The road is also expected to pass through Ceres, in Bland county. The distance from Narrows to Bland is about thirty-nine miles and as soon as the road is finished to Rocky Gap twenty-one miles of the line will have been built.
The road runs through some fine timber country and also taps rich mineral lands. Mr. Boggess says a road has already been surveyed from the New River, Holston and Western to the coal in Round mountain, but it thought that this road will not be built at present, although the coal in Round mountain is valuable. Mr. Boggess' son said that the coal from Round mountain had received a prize at the Chicago World's Fair on account of its excellent character. It is similar to the coals found in this region, although it is not known whether it is the Fire Creek or Pocahontas seam. The Fire Creek seam is the New River seam, which is now being mined along the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway.
Young Mr. Boggess said that some of the plans of the engineers or the men higher up are being given out that the road is being built by phases into the country. The first seven miles of the road near Narrows are ?? on account of the age of the rails and roadbed, but further on the line has every appearance of a first class line.
It is generally supposed that on account of traffic arrangements the Norfolk and Western will be the ultimate owners of the line.
[Some words were blurred on the microfilm. The best interpretation is shown except the word at "??" was indecipherable.]

Gordon Hamilton
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