"Battleship" gons

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So that means "battleship gon" is the wrong term for both Vgn and N&W heavy
gons. Anyway, neither existed in 1909, so "battleship" was a reference to
something else. All my life I have been thinking they were "battleship
gons," and recently I have learned that the railroaders did not use that
term. Live and learn! Jim Nichols

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Pocahontas crews referred to the N&W 120-ton gons as "Titanics" and the
trainmen I've talked with were unaware of the term "Battleship" regarding
any coal cars.

Grant Carpenter

> The Hinton News (?) newspaper in 1905 or 1906 referred to a string of the

> C&O's new 50-ton steel hopper cars coming into the yard as "Battleships"

> and that they had to be segregated from their wooden cars to avoid

> destroying their wooden FB and HB gondola cars.


> Al Kresse


> > Bluefield Daily Telegraph

> > December 19, 1909

> >


> > ------

> > Three Cars Overturned

> > Three battleship*(1) coal cars were overturned yesterday afternoon

at Ruth*(2) and Train No. 10 had to take the high grade*(3) at that point
in order to make Bluefield on time. The wreck was cleared away by night.

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