Fall Train Excursion Press Release

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Hey Gary-
Not about the?fall excursion, but since you keep the ole' N&W safe - - -
one tie at a time, I need to axe you a question.? Knowing you have
a lot of territory to cover, I'm not sure you remember the track
arrangement at the 239 mile post - it's?the east end of double track
from Roanoke on the Blue Ridge District.? There HAD been an
equilateral turnout there - good for 70 MPH.? One railroader noted
that it was lowered to 50 MPH (through either #1 or #2 track) after
the occupant of a business car turned a drink over as it threaded
through the turnout.? Now I notice the equalateral turnout has been
replaced with what I'd guess is a #20 - 60 MPH if straight-railed for
#1 track, and 40 MPH if routed to #2 track.? What's the theory?of
removing the equilateral turnout ??? Harry Bundy

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