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I was in the area not long ago and couldn't find the Station or the
First photographers Bridge. But I think I found the Second. If I am not
mistakes it is across the street to the Stone Corp. Headquarters? can
any one confirm this for both myself and Mike.


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> Frank,

> Your directions for the Blue Ridge station area will be very helpful.

> I could use a little more help for the second "photographer's bridge"

> though. Does the road leading to the bridge have a name? And what is

> Blue Ridge Stone Corporation's landmark crushed limestone "cone" ? Is

> it something quite large? Thanks.

> Mike


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>> Nathan:


>> To get to the ex-Blue Ridge station site, take US 460 east out of

>> Roanoke toward Lynchburg, or the reverse from Lynchburg west. At

>> Blue Ridge, get on CR 805 south off Rte 460 (should the road have

>> been renumbered, just ask locals for "old 805" that goes to the NS

>> bridge-overpass near the station site) and head in about .3 mi. When

>> in sight of the overpass, park along the roadside (little

>> traveled). Walk east up a rise to the still-active NS tracks, just

>> a minute or two's walk. The station site is east just several

>> hundred feet from the overpass, between the mainline and a spur off

>> the WB main that circled around the station on the north side. When I

>> last visited the site early in this decade the spur was still active

>> for stone crusher service, within sight to the east; a track still

>> departed north from the station site (above-referenced curved track)

>> to part of the limestone complex. The station occupied a fairly

>> tight squeeze between the WB main and the curved track.



>> There actually were two "photographer's bridges". The most

>> celebrated, at the eastern end of a .75-mi s-curve and about .4 mi.

>> west of the station, was on CR 616 about .3 mi south off Rte 460.

>> The bridge was dismantled decades ago and not replaced. CR 616 ends

>> near the bridge site, but you'd have to make your way through lots

>> of thicket to reach the track. I actually have walked west along

>> the track from the station site to the bridge site, admittedly not so

>> prudent. But the trek evokes an epic story.



>> The second bridge sought by photographers in N&W's steam era still

>> stands (to my knowledge) just east of Buford's Gap (last and first

>> Appalachian challenges for EB and WB traffic, respectively; .7 mi

>> east of the station site) just east of the Blue Ridge Stone

>> Corporation's landmark crushed limestone "cone" on the south side of

>> Rte 460. Turn south off Rte 460 on a private road leading to the

>> bridge, a hop and a skip away. The limestone "cone" will be in sight

>> to your right.



>> At Blue Ridge trackside you'll find a bounty of aging, rusting track

>> hardware all over, dating back to the "glory days". Also ankle-deep

>> cinder residue from the bowels of N&W's legendary fleet. Mute

>> testimonials to a grand rail saga..



>> The area signal tower, long gone, was at Villamont, about two miles

>> east of Blue Ridge, hard by the WB main.


>> Frank Gibson

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