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Fri Aug 28 21:13:10 EDT 2009

Hey Gang,

I have a couple questions regarding N&W Hooter Whistles. right now I am
watching Hooters on Blue Ridge. There are a couple segments where there
are double headed trains with both an Y6 and an A in these segment there
is essentially a "whistle conversation" between the two. In these
segments I have noticed a difference in the sound of the Whistles the
Y6s always have a "Smoother" tone while the As have a "Gertle" (like the
tone "rattles" all most) in them, I have noticed this all though out the
movie. IS this a difference if Steam pressure? (I thought the Y6 and A
classes used the same boiler pressure) or is this a difference in the
actual whistle. I also know a fellow that built a replica of a hooter
and put it on "His" engine is Cass, WV (He is the Shay 5 Engineer) his
whistle has the "Gertle" is it as well, and Shay 5 is only 200 PSI
boiler pressure.

I have also noticed the N&W 475 is Strasburg also has a Different sound
that is different form the two mentioned above, is it a Different whistle?



Nathan Simmons
trainman51 at gmail.com

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