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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
January 21, 1910

When Contracts Contemplated Are Awarded 5,500 For the Freight Service Will be Provided For

Roanoke Times: Conflicting reports have appeared from time to time relative to the number of freight cars that are being built or are to be built by and for the Norfolk and Western Railroad [sic]. Following are the facts of the matter.
An order was placed in 1909 at the Roanoke shops for 500 steel gondolas, to be built at the shops. In addition there has been placed at the shops an order for 2,000 all steel coal hopper cars, making 2,500 altogether.

The road now contemplates asking for bids for the construction of 1,500 all-steel coal hoppers, 500 all-steel flat-bottomed gondolas, 500 all-steel coke cars, and 500 stock cars. Representatives of manufacturers who intend bidding for this work will be here some time this week, and their bids will be submitted and considered in a conference between them and the management. When contracts for these cars are awarded, the company will have either under construction or to be constructed 5,500 cars for the freight service.
It is also said that orders will be placed this year for new locomotives which will be manufactured and delivered as they are needed by the road. Six passenger engines of the Pacific type [Class E2. Nos. 574 thru 579] are now being built at the Richmond branch of the American Locomotive Works, and it is expected that they will be turned over to the road in February. These machines are of large size and great power and will be used to haul some of the fast trains now being operated by the Norfolk and Western.
[A few numerals in the car quantities were blurred on the microfilm, but the best interpretations are shown.]

Gordon Hamilton
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