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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
January 27, 1910

To Lay Third Track
J. E. Catron, the well known section foreman here, has recently been promoted to the position of extra gang foreman and left yesterday with the necessary equipment for Switchback, where he will begin the laying of the middle track for the Norfolk and Western between Switchback and Ennis. This third track was authorized to be put down a short time before the panic set in [Panic of 1907] but was given up after the business of the road fell off so suddenly, but will now be laid and the work will commence at once.
Traffic Unusually Heavy
George Anderson, of Portsmouth, Ohio, is in Graham on a visit to his parents, Captain and Mrs. C. W. Anderson in West Graham. Mr. Anderson is a conductor on the Norfolk and Western and runs in the Cincinnati district. He says the business of the road on that branch is unusually heavy, and all of the crews are given all the work they can stand up to to keep things moving. [Quite different from today's situation on that district.]
Gordon Hamilton
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