N&W Hagerstown District mini-meet: September 12

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Thu Sep 3 04:57:12 EDT 2009

Hello, all:

You are invited to an impromptu N&W local meet and "train night" at Boyce, Virginia, on Saturday, September 12. This will start at noon with complimentary items on the grill for lunch and dinner, then continuing into the evening. Come and see the railway station at Boyce and chat about northern Virginia railfanning or N&W history. The ATCS monitoring hardware for a portion of the Hagerstown District will be on display in the "radio room." You can stay as short or as long as you wish.


The former N&W station in Boyce, Virginia, is at milepost H46.1. It was built in 1913 with local private funding. An afternoon and evening picnic as well as presentations after dark will be outside.


Visitors from Front Royal, Winchester, or Berryville will come to Boyce via US Highway 340. At the blinker light, please turn east and go 300 yards to the railroad crossing on East Main Street, county route 723.


If you are coming from the east, follow Interstate 66 to exit 23, which is US Highway 17 north at Delaplane. Proceed 7.5 miles on Highway 17 through the scenic Crooked Run valley to the intersection of US Highway 50 adjacent to Paris, Virginia. Make a left onto US Highway 50, John Mosby Highway, and make the climb and descent over Ashby Gap. After crossing the Shenandoah River and going about a mile, Clarke County Route 723 turns
off on the right. The road is marked for Millwood and Boyce. It's about three miles to Millwood, then two more miles past that community to Boyce. Make a left into the parking lot adjacent to the NS Railway crossing.


The Best Western Lee-Jackson Motel is 15 minutes away and at Exit 312 along Interstate 312. That is the US Highway 50 East exit, with a plethora of other motels and eateries in sight. Most rooms range from $45 to $60 per night with some specials occasionally available. Reservations probably aren't needed if you check in prior to dark.

In the event you want to camp out on a chilly --but not too cold-- September night, there are several options. If you have a camper, it can be parked behind the station and an extension cord can be provided for an electric hook-up. If you have a tent, it can be erected south of the station in a grassy area adjacent to the station platform. Finally, if you only have a sleeping bag and cushion, you may sleep on the a cluttered waiting room floor. For all, there is an inside one-stall toilet and sink accessible if I know you are staying over.


Once at the station, please park between East Main Street and the station building. I recommend that you leave your vehicle a little away from the track and not up against the north side of the station. This is just in case someone desires to take pictures of trains passing the station.


Please let me know if you will be attending and if you have material to present. The ATCS Hagerstown District will be periodically projected on the screen to track train movements. The video programs will begin at dusk outside, so pray for no rain.


A digital projector and laptop will be available. I also have a screen and a 35 mm slide projector. Just in case the bulb burns out, I ask that someone who has a known-to-be-operable slide projector bring their's along just in case. You won't need to get it out of your car unless there is a crisis.


Here are phone numbers of importance: Prior to Saturday, please call my weekday office phone at (202) 268-2121. The phone number at the station is (540) 837-9090, which you can provide to others as an emergency point of contact.

Internet access is available for your laptop if you have a wireless card. For those without a laptop, there is a desktop computer available on a first-come, first-served basis. An outdoor electrical connection is available for people with laptops or other communications devices who want to recharge their batteries.

The fax number at the station is (540) 837-9046. The fax machine is also available for sending messages, if needed.


Chairs are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Just in case there are more attendees than chairs or if you require special seating, please bring something suitable with you.


There will be complimentary hot dogs and burgers on a grill starting at both 1 PM and at 7 PM. If you'd like to bring your own or want to share
side-dishes as pot-luck, please plan accordingly. A McDonalds and Sheetz Made-to-Order food stores are two miles away at the intersection of US Highways 50 and 304. A cooler with a sampling of free soft drinks will be iced. No "Rule G" infractions are allowed while on Norfolk Southern leased land. Smoking is okay outside the building.


The toilet is not handicapped equipped but can be used with assistance. It is off the small waiting room which is about a 40-feet walk. It is not wide enough for wheelchair passage.


Please contact me off line at f_scheer at yahoo.com instead of replying on-list. I will provide you answers within 24 hours since I check email daily but not hourly. If it is useful information for others, I'll include the information in a follow-up posting.

Hoping to see YOU, so you can see the RMSL!


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