NS 802557 extended hopper

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If memory serves it's a 3 bay coke hopper, built by Johnstown America, should be an H61 class car. It's my understanding these are rebodies, using ex Sou coal cars, but I don't know that to be fact.There are no extra markings on these cars.

NS rebodied what are 4 bay coke hoppers in Roa. After the TopGon program ended.The 4 bays have "High Top" across them like the TopGons do. The HT's are an extended height version of the H62R 4 bay coal cars.

Russ Goodwin

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> All:

> Aubrey Wiley and I saw this extended side hopper at CSX Sandy Hook here in Lynchburg today. The number is NS 802557. Does this have N&W or SR heritage? Coupled to it was a crusty ex-MP ext. sides hopper still in MP paint!

> Charlie Long

> Lynchburg



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