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What was the N&W's Roanoke shop labor situation in 1910: unionized or not? 

Al Kresse

Bluefield Daily Telegraph
October 28, 1910

Second Order Given to Roanoke Shops for Five Hundred Steel Hoppers

Roanoke World:  The Norfolk and Western has given the second order to the shops for the construction of 500 steel hoper cars.  This order was given after the company had received bids from a number of car builders.  The bids showed that the company could do better in their own shops, and the order was given. This order also furnishes work for the Virginia Bridge and Iron Company.  The steel is furnished by the Norfolk and Western and the bridge company fabricate the under frame work.  With the engines that are to be built, the cars that are to be constructed and the vast amount of repair work that is on hand, the shop people will have no reason to complain of slack work.
Gordon Hamilton

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