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Unfortunately it goes deeper than discussed earlier. The slow transition to lettered lines indeed started with the merger in 1982, and was further initiated when all of Norfolk Southern's engineering department, and M-O-W forces were re-located out of the Atlanta office in the mid-90's. The final nail in the coffin came when the FRA and NS enforced the new RWP (Roadway Worker Protection) rules to insure absolute protection of railroad employees. These rules called for positive and individual identification of control points and locations. In order to avoid confusion with similar locations or milepost numbers, the Alphabetical letter located on the mile post has now become the identifying feature on all former NW lines today. The older employees (including myself) still refer to them by the old NW nicknames, but as much as I hate to say it, new employees are taught to call them by the new designation. the Shenandoah Valley is now NS Eastern region
H-line. The Pumpkin Vine is Eastern Region R-line. The Virginian Route is now refered to the Eastern/ Western Region V-line. The Bristol line is now Eastern Region NB- line. Remember , this is from a M-O-W standpoint, Not sure how transportation has evolved.

Gary Price
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