October 2 - Boyce Centennial and Train Night - parking information

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September 27, 2010

Hello, all:

It's only five more days for the railroad mini-meet at the former N&W Railway station, Boyce, Virginia, milepost H46-1, on Saturday, October 2.  You may come earlier in the day for some railfanning on the Hagerstown District or watching CSXT traffic at Shenandoah Junction about 30 minutes to the north.

This date coincides with the Town of Boyce Centennial celebration.  Trains are plenned to be held outside of town during the parade, so there should be plenty of late afternoon and evening activity.  Boyce Centennial information appears at http://townofboyceva.com/centennial_celebration.php

A bring-something-to-share cook out will begin at 6:30 PM.  Meanwhile, railroad chatter and sharing are encouraged; horseplay and Rule G infractions aren't.

There is an outdoor electrical outlet for plugging in laptops or radios in the parking lot.  Wireless Internet access is available, but you'll need to get the encryption key via prior email.

For those wanting to stay until dusk and into the evening, there will be a digital slide show of railway photos beginning around 7:30 PM.  If you have some good railroad pictures to share, please volunteer to show your photos.  The evening will likely conclude around 11 PM but can continue as long as there are willing presenters.

Here are my suggestions regarding parking and access to Boyce on Saturday, October 2. The centennial celebration hours are 10 AM until 6 PM. If you arrive during those hours, East Main Street from the NS crossing to the blinker light at US 340 will be closed to traffic. Also, no parking will be allowed along the street. West Main Street from the blinker light to Boyce Elementary School (across from the Post Office) will also be closed until around 3:30 PM, then reopened to vehicles.

The parade will start at 1:30 PM and run until about 2:30 PM or 3 PM. It will commence at the Boyce Elementary School and end at the NS crossing. I'll be there at the crossing advising the parade entries where to go.

The grassy lots along side the NS in front of the station (across the tracks) will have food concessions, crafts booths, and a stage with chairs for performances. There will be a temporary plastic fence along the west side of the NS right-of-way so that people cannot cross the track, but must walk down to the Main Street crossing if they want to get over to the station. The railroad station lot south of the station will be used for vehicles belonging to the concessions operators. The concessions, crafts, and performances end at 6 PM.

There will be a large white tent at the Boyce Volunteer Fire Department community center parking lot. Free cupcakes and souvenier collectibles will be sold at that location.

For those who are ONLY attending train night and will arrive at 6:15 PM or later, they can park at the station at the north end of the lot by pulling in next to the track. If there is not enough room,someone will guide cars to the open lot at the rear of 127 East Main Street.

If people are arriving prior to 6 PM, East Main Street (route 723) will be closed within the town limits. My recommendation is that everyone travel on US Highway 50 to an intersection with route 255. The sign is marked for Millwood and Boyce and is located about three miles east of the US 50 and US 340 junction where there is a Sheetz station. After making the turn north onto route 255, proceed a mile to Millwood and make a left (west) onto route 723. Follow route 723 from Millwood to the town limit at Boyce. There should be a sign and possible a deputy sheriff directing cars to free parking on the Saratoga farm. From there, it is a 1/4 mile walk to the station. There may be a shuttle wagon operating between Saratoga and Boyce.

I do not recommend traveling north on US 340 towards Boyce because there will be a charge for parking on a farm and the distance is farther to the station. I am uncertain what will be arranged from travel south from Berryville to Boyce along US 340, except there will be a detour or traffic will be allowed to head south to the farm where paid parking is available.

The screen for the evening program will be set up along the north wall of the station, with chairs facing it. The driveway behind the station will need to stay clear for vendors who have returned to their cars and are leaving.

There may be some railroadiana available for sale at the station during the day, which will be mostly paper items. If someone wants to set up a table of railroad collectibles, they may do so at the station. While I am not collecting a table fee, a donation towards station maintenance will be appreciated.

Also, there will likely be litter around the station. Volunteers who can help pick up and deposit trash into barrels will be appreciated.

Thanks for your interest in this once-in-a-hundred years event. I'll look forward to seeing you on October 2!

Best wishes,

Frank Scheer
f_scheer at yahoo.com

Railway Mail Service Library, Inc.
(301) 386-8970 - weekday office
(540) 837-9090 - Saturday afternoon (leave message if no answer)
in the former N&W station on county rte 723
117 East Main Street
Boyce VA 22620-9639

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