Boyce Centennial yesterday celebration October 2,2010

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Sun Oct 3 12:56:42 EDT 2010

At the Boyce, Va. Centennial celebration yesterday they issued a nice
96-page comoendium of the town's history since its original
incorporation 100 years ago. With all sorts of little details of the
town and its history, they included a number which show the trackage,
cars and a photo or two of the original Shenandoah Valley built
staion. No footnotes are given but the Clarke County HS Archives is
mentioned periodically along with the newspaper.

If you ever wanted to know more about the town and the station in
which Dr. Frank Scheer is setting up his Railway Mail Service Library,
this is worth adding to your library. John Hudson is the author
"1910-2010 A Centennial Celebration of the Small Virginia Town of

PS They had good, free cupcakes for the parade. mmmmmmmmmm

Bob Cohen

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