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As I've probably bored you all before, I model the 1930's era. I'm doing the super-elevation aspects on my mainline, using balsa strips under the outside rails and sanded down to level on the ends as the mainline straightens out. I guess John Armstrong would be proud.

My question has to do with sidings which parallel the mainline.
Do they also put super elevation on them?
Is super-elevation only done when the speeds on the siding are above some speed like 25 mph or so?

When a turnout is on a curve, and the siding is on the outside, It seems logical that the spur would be super-elevated as the turnout would technically need to be flat, so the spur would be at a higher level than the mainline.

Also, how far from the track centerline did they put the signals?
I'm using a combination of semaphores(scratchbuilt) and Intermediate Block (Oregon) signals.
How high up did they put the bottom target, or semaphore on the poles?

Mark Lindsey
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