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Grant Carpenter,
Sorry I'm so long responding to your Oct. email regarding a relative, Mary Grant. At any rate, if you will contact me personally ( snooz1 at verizon.net ), I may have some info for you.
Jeff Sanders
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Trying to catch up on my list reading...
My grandfather, Alvin L. "Grant" Grant, lived in Suffolk.  When he died in 1973, the gathered family included a contingent from around his boyhood home near Jarratt where his family owned a general store (mentioned in H. Reid's book).  A lady, likely a niece (?), was introduced to me as someone who worked for the railroad.  Regrettably, I still know little of this branch of my family and hope to fix that with a trip to Jarratt soon.  What I distinctly remember was that she worked as an operator and the strong impression left, even to a kid, of the pride in her work and particularly in her employer--not just any railroad, but the Virginian.  Thanks for the posts, Skip.

Grant Carpenter

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> I asked the Brethren what they remember about the last scheduled Virginian

> passenger train that stopped in Roanoke on January 9, 1956. Raymond East

> and Wis Sowder said that "it was just a normal day". Rufus Wingfield, who

> was yardmaster in Roanoke, said that "there was nothing special about it".

> Landon Gregory, who was VGN operator at Victoria, said that operator Clay

> Dickerson told him that extra operator Mary Grant rode in the locomotive

> from Victoria to Roanoke that day...


> Skip Salmon

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