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Wabash Blue like N&W Blue can seem to vary with age, cleanliness, lighting, and such (from looking at pictures). Overall, Wabash Blue appears to be a lighter shade than N&W Blue. This appears especially to be the case in pictures of "new" U-25Bs and GP-35s. As for N&W units delivered "new" in N&W Blue:

* All 1300 series GP-40s were delivered in Blue (this would be all N&W GP-40s)

* All 1500 and 1600 series SD-40s were delivered in Blue (this would be all N&W SD-40s)

* All 1700 and 1800 series SD-45s were delivered in Blue (this would be all N&W SD-45s)

* All 1900 series U-28Bs were delivered in Blue (this would be all N&W U-28Bs)

* All 1900 series U-30Bs were delivered in Blue (8400-8514 were black with "half-moons" and 8515-8539 were black with NW)

* C-628s - 1110-1129, the second order of C-628s, were delivered in Blue (the first order 1100-1109 were black with "half-moons")

* All 1100 series C-630s were delivered in Blue (this would be all N&W C-630s)

Ed Painter - Narrows, VA living in Russellville, AR

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Again, I agree with Bill. I seem to remember that the N&W blue was not the same shade as Wabash blue anyway. But the cabooses definitely looked the same blue as the C&O cabooses, and all the stripes were similar. BTW: Richard Shell is right about the SD40's being blue, but the first ones were not delivered until May of 1966. Jim Nichols

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The point of my post about the blue was more about history than paint. I have never seen any evidence that the change to blue had anything to do with Mr. Pevler and the Wabash, other than the obvious time period. But there is ample evidence that it had everything to do with the proposed merger, including reports in the railfan press at the time of the merger proposal. Maybe the N&W would have switched to blue under Mr. Pevler in any event, but with its arch-rival C&O already blue, that seems unlikely.

The two roads adopted a common blue "paint scheme" for locomotives and cabooses. I have no idea what the specs were for the two blues, much less for the Wabash blue. And in any event, if folks want to call it Pevler Blue, that's OK.

Bill McClure
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