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Hi George,
I live in Sardinia and every time I leave my place to go somewhere, I
look at the location where the depot was. I contacted my cousin who has
lived here most of his life and and worked for the village. He
confirmed what Jim said, there was no fire, it was torn down.
The only thing on the lot now are recycle bins and what looks like a
storage shed. The "Y" to the Hillsboro branch is still there but is
covered with pavement in some areas and the track ends on the North side
of Rt. 32. The depot sat between the "Y" and the main line.
If you Google Earth Sardinia, Ohio and go to the east side of the
village, you can see the mainline and the "Y" and the lot where it was.
It is located just west of where the mainline crosses the road and the
passing siding starts on the east side of the road crossing.

Bob Beckelhimer
Sardinia, OH

On 3/20/2011 11:27 AM, NW Mailing List wrote:

> Hello George,

> I have seen no evidence that the Sardinia depot ever caught fire, however

> I don't live there so cannot be 100% positive. I stopped there on just about

> every excursion train that passed there in the late '80s, and can say what

> you may have witnessed is a combination of black and gray paint applied to a

> large portion of the building, the flaking off of this paint, plus the

> simple deterioration of the structure. From a distance or a passing glance

> on a video, it probably would appear that a fire had occurred. The last time

> I was there in late 1988, the windows and doors had been covered with

> plywood, but there had been no fire. The depot was torn down in October

> 1989. I'll try to email a picture to you to see if that could be what you

> saw.


> Now a depot in the area did catch fire and burned to the ground during this

> time. In July 1988, arsonists burned down the depot at nearby Peebles, OH,

> just east of Sardinia. The building was burned completely to the ground and

> still smoldering 2 days later when I happened to stop by there on our way to

> a Cincinnati Reds game. I had no idea of the fire and wanted to take

> possibly a few last pictures of the building before they tore it down. I was

> two days too late!


> Jim Detty

> Lucasville, Ohio




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> I was watching a Greg Scholl Video, NS's Peavine. There was a quick view

> of the Sardinia Depot. It appeared as if it had been damaged by fire. The

> narrator said the depot was gone. Did the depot have a fire, if so when?

> I am trying to collect info and photos of the depots of the various former

> N&W Divisions. I will retire shortly and also planning rail-fan/chase trips

> along the various divisions in my future travels to create a depot

> program(s) for future NRHS programs.


> Thank you in advance for any info, and if you have a photo you would like to

> share or point me to, that will be greatly appreciated.


> Have a good day.


> George


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