N&W in 1911--Connecting road accident

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The N&W commected with a number of logging railroads or sawmills associated
with logging railroads. Logging railroads could have a relatively short life
(5 to 20 years), because as the trees were cut the sawmill shut down and the
logging railroad was removed.

As I was writing "Billion Dollar Coalfield," I found info on a number of
logging railroads/saw mills in McDowell County, WV. Some were included in
the book and some were not. Logging railroads/lumber companies discussed in
some manner in the book were the Panther Lumber Company, Panther Railroad
Company, Griffith Lumber Company, Longpole Lumber Company, Mountain Fork
Lumber Company, Forest City Lumber Company, Berwind Lumber Company (and
railroad), some of the Nunan&Carr properties, most of the Ritter Lumber and
R.E. Wood lumber company properties, the Sandy Huff Creek lumber railroad
and a variety of others.

Ritter Lumber company had a narrow gauge lumber RR from Iaeger to Bradshaw,
the Iaeger and Southern, which was the basis of the Dry Fork Branch in West
Virginia. Ritter Lumber's Big Sandy and Cumberland beczme the basis for the
Buchanan Branch.

Oakvale and Ada in Mercer County were built on the basis of sawmills and
there was limber railroad that connected with the Widemouth Branch at
Springton, WV.

These are just a very few examples of sawmills and logging railroads on the

Alex Schust

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> This is intersting and sad. Imation being on the same train when your

> father died. My question is, how many logging railroads did the N&W

> connect with? My assumption is a few since the N&W does run right through

> the heart of Appalachia.


> -Brad




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> Bluefield Daily Telegraph

> August 121911



> ------

> Crushed to Death


> Elliott Sanders was crushed to death on the Honaker Lumber company's

> lumber railroad Thursday afternoon when a train composed of seven box cars

> and eleven log cars got away on the stretch of road which extends along

> Russell Creek back into the mountains of Buchanan from Richlands. It

> appears that the log cars got away and pushed the rest of the train on

> ahead until the wreck came. Sanders' body was frightfully mangled and one

> of his legs had not been found up to yesterday. His son, who was employed

> by the same company, was working on the train when the accident occurred.

> ------

> Gordon Hamilton



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