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Harry - thanks for your input. I grew up within a stones throw of the ACL line to Dunlop from Petersburg and knew the Cannonball's operation prior to 1956 when it ran as a through train between Richmond and Norfolk. Subsequent to 1956, I failed to keep up with the train's schedule which prompted by questions.

You mention Dunlop. Way back when-- The Cannonball had a head-ender with an ACL freight there. But
for those that don't know, Dunlop is where ACL's Old Main Line through Petersburg joined the Richmond-
Jacksonville main track. Last time I was there was when 611 was making a Richmond-Norfolk trip. The
ACL's Old Main Line had been abandoned, but the right-of-way was still in place. Herman - have you been
back to Petersburg lately ? I ask because rail passenger service will soon resume - Norfolk - Richmond
and beyond. The proposed route is to use the former VGN right of way South Norfolk to Kilby. I can
understand that -- it avoids the congestion at Portlock and west of Yadkin as many as five trains have been
held out waiting for a parking space at Lamberts Point. But instead of reviving the ACL's Old Main Line,
the proposed route will have an elaborate connection wth CSX at Collier Yard. A second bridge across
the Appomattox River MAY be required and engineers have determined that it will have to be considerably
west of the current bridge. The Collier connection adds 10 miles to the route. Have been advised that
a shopping center may have encroached on ACL's Old Main Line. Was there another reason the
Old Main Line wasn't considered ? Harry Bundy
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