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Mike. Gordon will probably have a better answer, but for the time being:

In that area of western Virginia there's a small area of anthracite. The
Virginian Coal Mine listing shows two anthracite mines in or near McCoy,
Virginia. There's a bit more about this area on, if you
look at the Southwestern Virginia section, and the Valley Field. He's got a
picture of a tipple of the Pulaski Anthracite Coal Co. at Parrott, Virginia,
that, to my eye, looks like it belongs in eastern Pennsylvania.

And that little locomotive?? In researching my clinic on the motive power
of the three Pochahontas roads, that is the only camelback and the only
Prairie (2-6-2)that I have found for all three roads.

Correction of anything I've said above is, as always, welcome.

Frank Bongiovanni

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> Gordon,


> Any idea where the anthracite coal was mined? Of course, the little

> "camelback" loco (similar to Reading and Central of NJ machines) seems to be

> designed to burn anthracite.


> Mike Pierry, Jr.


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