N&W in 1911--Buys another railroad

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On Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 12:25 PM, abram wrote:

> I hope some erudite and generous soul can post GPS coordinates for the

> "anthracite" mines on the old Virginia Anthracite Coal & Railway Company.

> Surely information on the excavations must have been published in state

> geological reports of that era.


> Mr. Bruce Harper of Blacksburg... Thou art deputized to make exhaustive

> research upon this topic, and report back to the ye List with diligence !


You mean beyond what I have already been doing? I have a stack of stuff that
I pulled from the N&W archives while they were still in the VT library, plus
other material, all waiting for that "round tuit" (and additional research
into other sources) to be pulled into an Arrow article down the road. But in
the meantime, I will post some bits and pieces as time permits to my N&W web
site (probably not this week) about this interesting section of railroad,
the dealings the N&W had with the VAC&Ry Co., and the eventual acquisition
of the rail line.

The mines (multiple) on Price Mountain were served by both the N&W and the
VGN until they got too deep and were plagued by water. Other mines in the
area were served by both railroads, the VGN at McCoy and the N&W at Parrott
in Pulaski County. I'll provide more details as time goes on.

Bruce in Blacksburg
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