N&W in 1911--Buys another railroad

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The following is from the June 30, 1912, N&W Annual Report:


The property of the Virginia Anthracite Coal and Railway Company connecting with your road at Christiansburg, Va., and extending to Blacksburg, Va., 8.88 miles, was bid in for your Company at foreclosure sale in August, 1911, for the sum of $100,000. Titles were cleared and the property was turned over to your Company on January 1st, 1912, since which date it has been operated as the Blacksburg Branch. The Receivers were thereupon discharged.

So, it looks as though the BDT article was timely.
Not sure when it ceased to exist. It doesn't show up in a 1922 Radford Div. timetable, but at one time, the
railroad continued south of Christiansburg and was known as the Kingston Branch. According to Newton's
Rails Remembered Vol. 3, there were intentions to extend it to Floyd. Harry Bundy

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