N&W in 1911--Cedar Bluff

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-----[Considering the restriction posed by the single-track Elkhorn tunnel to the then increasing traffic, it is not surprising that it seemed likely that some traffic would bypass the tunnel by being diverted over this new line termed a "cut off." I don't know to what extent the diversion happened, but the need for it largely disappeared when the Elkhorn grade (including Elkhorn tunnel) was electrified in 1915.]

I think it happened after we retired, but NS resumed hauling coal from the Clinch Valley via
Cedar Bluff to Iaeger, then east to a point near Falls Mills. Bluefield's East Yard required
car riders to tie hand brakes as gravity rolled the car toward the east end. But by picking up
at Yards (?), eastbounds only swapped crews at Bluefield. No more knocking off 25 hand
brakes, testing air and making three doubles.

FYI, Herr Krippendorf''s funeral lasted 12:20 PM. Harry Bundy

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