N&W in 1911--Injury

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
November 14, 1911

Has Leg Broken
Rebecca Woolwine, a pretty nineteen-year-old girl, whose home is at Walton, received a message yesterday which told her that her sister, who lives at Lurich, was deathly ill. Without waiting to tell her father, who is section foreman at Pearisburg, the girl hurried to train No. 17 in order to join her sister. On her way to the train she stepped out of the way of a freight while on a bridge and fell through breaking one of her limbs. She was helped to the depot but insisted on being taken on to her sister's and kind-hearted people helped her to board the train and then assisted her to alight at Lurich, where she was taken to her sister's home.
[This could have been bad if a second train had come along on the other track as so often happened to trespassers in those days.]

Gordon Hamilton
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