Randolph Street Interlocking - pre-1950s

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The 1950 date came from the March, 1951 issue of Railway Signaling and Communications, pp. 163-166, entitled "Modern Interlocking on the Norfolk and Western." I have copies of all the N&W feature articles (16) from 1921 thru 1960.

The 1905 (or 1904) date for the old tower came from an article in Norfolk and Western Magazine (date probably in 1951) entitled "New Interlocking System at Roanoke Expedites Train Movement.' Here is the exact quote: "Near the new tower stands the old tower which was used constantly for 46 years. The old tower housed a plant not nearly as extensive as the new one, but one which served adequately for many years."

I have been gathering this for an article in The Arrow on the development of N&W signaling from the 1920 to 1960. I would be willing to swap info with you.


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Thanks for the information. Can you give a footnote/source/citation/reference for the information?

-- abram burnett


Scribit Glenntonius:

The new interlocking at Randolph St, completed in 1950, replaced the old one which was built 46 years earlier (1905).



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