N&W in 1911--Christmas rush

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
December 23, 1911

Over Fifteen Hundred Tickets Sold at Depot Here Yesterday

Train No. 16 was loaded heavily with passengers last night, it being necessary to attach extra coaches to take care of the crowd. Train No. 2, which left yesterday afternoon, was perhaps the heaviest laden train which has ever pulled out of the local station, considering the number of cars which it had. All other trains showed the effect of the rush to get home for Christmas, and in spite of the rain, which dampened the enthusiasm of those en route to distant points or here only for the purpose of shopping, there were several hundred visitors to the city. In addition to the hundreds of through tickets carried by through passengers, over 1,500 tickets were sold at the local depot, according to reports about the station.
At times the crowd at the depot appeared to be as big as on circus day, and previous Christmas records for crowds three days before Christmas were shattered.
Today is pay day at the coal mines, and it is expected that the extra money will bring hundreds of additional visitors to the city, while Sunday's trains will be crowded with people who wait for the last day before leaving for homes.
[Ah, for the good ol' days when everyone rode the trains.]

Gordon Hamilton
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