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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
January 18, 1912

Several Days of Warm Weather Will Bring Supply Back to Normal

Three days of warm weather such as was experienced in this section yesterday, will bring the car situation back to a normal condition, according to a man connected with the railroad company. Already the connections at Columbus have shown an ability to relieve the congested condition by taking cars and by delivering empties which are needed in the field. At Lambert's Point a new condition presents itself. It appears that the coal has frozen in the cars and it will take two or three days of weather ranging around forty degrees to thaw the coal out sufficiently to permit of dumping. There are several boats now waiting for cargoes and others will begin to show up as soon as the weather modifies. It appears that the warm spell which struck this city yesterday is general and had a day's start in the west.
In the coal field, it appears, some of the coal companies during the cold spell experienced trouble in getting men to work at the tipples because of the cold. Men were willing to mine coal but they did not like to brave the unusual weather at the tipple with the result that loading was somewhat affected in that way.
The only danger which faces the section now is the possibility of a heavy rain which might send the snow rushing down the hillsides in a torrent of water, which might bring on serious conditions for a day or two. There is more snow on the ground now than there had been for several years.
Gordon Hamilton
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