Virgina sponsored Amtrak trains could quit running Sept 30th

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Subject: Virgina sponsored Amtrak trains could quit running Sept 30th

The popular state-sponsored Northeast Regional trains in Virginia would end on Sept 30th under GOP House budget proposal.

Gene Bowker

Not in Virginia, but some of the Northeast Regional trains are stopped now. CSX
is relaying rail Selma,NC-Florence and The Carolinian is cancelled Washington-
Raleigh. It continues to operate over NS Raleigh to Charlotte. No detour and no
alternate transportation provided at Raleigh. Five or six years ago, the signal
system went out during a snow storm at Doswell, VA. CSX cancelled the Amtrak
service rather than operate at restricted speed. Ever since then, they've used
snow as an excuse to annull trains. Unfortunately VRE (Virginia Railroad Express)
and Amtrak's NS connections must use CSX track for 8 mi. from "AF" Tower Alex-
andria to DC. At a time when rail passenger service could prove its worth, CSX
finds benefits to inclement weather. So if the GOP can't scrap Amtrak service,
I'm sure CSX will continue to reach into its bag of tricks to discourage rail
passenger travel. Harry Bundy

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