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And Ed King wrote an article about the Z-1a’s in the Volume 16 Issue 2 ARROW in 2000.

Gary Rolih


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In the bible according to Prince some of the Z1A lasted into the mid 50’s. The latest scrapping I can find is April 1953 #1450.

John T. Lisica

P.S. Some of the Z1Bs lasted into 1957.

Strictly from recollection -- Eng 1342 was a Z1b converted from a Z1a. It was still in service in May, 1956. . . . .at Lamberts Point. The Z's found a home working the roustabout jobs there. They were capable of coupling to long tracks of stored coal, knocking out the classifications ordered for dumping, then boosting their picks up the barney yard hill. Harry Bundy


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