MTH passenger cars

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According to Harold Davenport's review in the upcoming issue of The Arrow, There
are no inaccuracies with the exteriors, and only a few minor inaccuracies on the
interiors. I would take issue with the black roofs and trucks, inasmuch as the
correct colors when the cars were new (and had full skirts) called for brown
roofs and green trucks; but that is one of my personal sore spots. A lot of
modelers think the black is just fine, and after the mid-50's, black was correct
(but the center skirts were removed by the time black became standard.).  The
only color issue Harold identified was the markers. They are silver when they
should be yellow.  But aside from  those color issues, are the cars correct! 
Youbetcha!    Jim Nichols

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Can any of you passenger car types [ Jim Brewer, Jim Nicholes ] tell me if the
MTH cars are correct? Thanks guys! Trent Hulbert
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