Virginian in 1912--Drunken brakeman

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
February 16, 1912

W. B. Huddleston, of Roanoke, Attacked by Drunken Brakeman

Roanoke, Va., Feb. 16--W. B. Huddleston, saloon proprietor, was possibly fatally shot this morning at his place of business, 22 east Salem avenue, by J. R. Bow, better known as "Red," a brakeman on the Virginian railroad.
Four shots were fired. One over the heart, another about four inches below the heart and the third grazed the lower abdomen.
Bow, who was intoxicated, was arrested by Policemen Burnett and Evans and locked up at headquarters. Because of his condition he could not give any connected account of the trouble that provoked the shooting.
Gordon Hamilton
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