early N&W operation in Washington, DC ??

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N&W proposed to build their own line to Washington sometime around the
period to which you refer. It would have come off the Shenandoah Valley line
and run basically due east to Washington. This never came about, but could
it account for the references you have seen? Jim Nichols

Were they considering being a part of the Pot Yard consortium and
either pulled out or were eliminated for some reason? Lots of
questions but no real clues here.

Bob Cohen

Expanding on Jim Nichols' reply -- the system map of 1891 (a fold-out in
Mason Cooper's SV
book), shows the proposed route to Washington diverging from the
Shenandoah Valley line
at Front Royal. Can't vouch for the accuracy -- maybe it was just a
process of placing tape
from Front Royal to D. C., but the map shows N&W crossing Southern Rwy.
near Manassas
Gap, the W&OD, the Potomac River, and entering D. C. on the west side,
dodging Alex-

Potomac Yard ? It didn't become a reality until 1906. Harry Bundy

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