N&W 1459 mail storage @ Illinois Railway Museum.

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Sun Nov 13 15:03:07 EST 2011

"Does anyone know the MofW number that this car carried prior to being
retired and donated to IRM. The reason I ask is because I am 95% certain
that this is the former Pullman Plan 3416 parlor car "Narcissus" which
became N&W coach 785 (did it actually get rebuilt as a coach like the other
parlor cars?) and then rebuilt in 1952 to MS1 mail storage car 1459."

According to Jin Nichols book Norfolk and Western Color Guide to Freight and
Passenger Equipment the 1459 was part of a group 35 Pullman parlor cars
purchased in 1941 and converted into coaches numbered 750-784. Shortly
after the war ten of them were converted into combines numbered 620-629 and
in the early '50's they were converted to full mail storage cars numbered

Hope this helps.

Skip Sledge
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