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A total of 37 Plan 2416 parlor cars were acquired by the N&W and 1 Plan
3416 parlor car. I have the list (thanks to help from this list) but there
are some problems, specifically names misspelled... .

#750 - Clairidge (name mispelled, should be "Claridge")
#752 - Elanette (Plan 2418 28 parlor seat - Drawing Room)
#761 - Anthracite had its name changed to Tobyhanna 1913
#765 - Hager (name mispelled, should be "HAGAR")
#768 - Alvarette (name mispelled, should be "Alvaretta")
#772 - Roseclear (name mispelled, should be "Rosecleer")

Other Plan 2416 parlors acquired by the N&W: Emlenton, Herminie (as tourist
car 6056) and Conestoga.

The one Plan 3416 parlor car was Pullman tourist car 6042, originally named
Narcissus. I am certain that this is the 1459, based on the rivet pattern
that remains visible on the side of the car, in the photo linked to below.
The rivet pattern indicates that there was a single aisle window on this
end and not the paired window of a Plan 2416 car, such as N&W 755 in the
second link. Pullman cars which have been rebuilt can be identified by
their rivet pattern, which reveals what sort of window pattern the car
formerly had.

I had assumed that the Narcissus had been converted to coach but apparently
this was not the case. Like the other three Plan 2416 cars it simply may
have been set aside until converted to a baggage car.
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