Question about 611's paint during the excursion era.

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I suspect that you are opening the old can of worms about the color of Tuscan red here. But I will say this, that the tuscan red can photograph very differently with different films. Kodachrome 64 is different than Kodachrome 200, the Ektachrome films are different from Kodachrome, AGFA films are different, and Fuji films are different, Ilford film, print film can be different from slide film. Lighting and even slight exposure changes can also misrepresent a color. The only way to color control would be for the photographer to place a Kodak color chart into each image to allow for matching color to specific targets, which is more than a bit difficult in the field.

There are thousands of variables, not to mention the adjustments that can be made in Photoshop after an image is scanned. It is really not that difficult to change the color of the stripe to purple, orange or whatever your heart desires once it is in the computer. To do it really well, takes skill, but almost anyone can hack about and colorize or shift things.

All that being said, I seem to recall the 611 was repainted in 1992 with Imron paint. Paint can age, and shift its color, application differences, primer colors can also cause variables, was a clear coat applied over top? I don't really recall.

Ken Miller

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> I was looking through the new Classic Trains special issue about 4-8-4's and was comparing the photo by Jim Wrinn of 611 on pages 84 and 85, which was taken in 1994 to photos of 611 taken in the early to mid 80's and it seemed to me that the shade of Tuscan Red changed during the 12 years she operated. Did NS in fact change paints or does the appearance of the Tuscan stripe change due to lighting conditions? Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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