Question about 611's paint during the excursion era.

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I can't speak to when NS repainted 611 during her excursion career, but any
color can be altered based on film, light, angle, etc...

Also, when I was at the VMT a few years back, you could clearly see the
outline of an older lettering application on the tender, that did not have
the same spacing as the newer lettering and striping painted over top of it.
So 611 did receive at least one repaint.

Marty Flick

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Subject: Question about 611's paint during the excursion era.

>I was looking through the new Classic Trains special issue about 4-8-4's

>and was comparing the photo by Jim Wrinn of 611 on pages 84 and 85, which

>was taken in 1994 to photos of 611 taken in the early to mid 80's and it

>seemed to me that the shade of Tuscan Red changed during the 12 years she

>operated. Did NS in fact change paints or does the appearance of the Tuscan

>stripe change due to lighting conditions? Thanks in advance for any



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