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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
March 8, 1912

Bryant Davis, Who Lost Arm and Leg, Still Alive But is Considerably Weaker
Bryant Davis, the boy who lost an arm and a leg on Wednesday noon, just over the Virginia line, in the west yards was still alive this morning, although he was considerably weaker and very little hope was held out for his recovery. Last night about 6 o'clock he commenced to show signs of weakening and from that time on his chances for recovery were very poor.
It is unlikely that anything will be done to the boy who was responsible for the accident which caused the loss of Davis' arm and leg, as it is now believed that the push received by young Davis was given on the spur of the moment and represented nothing more than the antagonism which the boys of one town have for another. The fact that the boy ran away following the accident would hardly be held against him, as he was but a little fellow and probably knew nothing better to do. Even young Davis has no grudge against the boy.

Engineer Killed
Roanoke, Va., March 7,--Julian P. Stiff, engineer on the Norfolk division of the Norfolk and Western, was killed this morning near the switch in front of the Virginia brewery as he was running a train in from Crewe.
Gordon Hamilton
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