Early top mount double check valve

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A check of drawings in the NWHS Archives revealed the following Location
Numbers for drawings of double boiler delivery check valves with rear pipe
NW-D17778 (Note on drawing, "Replacing a Phillips.")
Details can be viewed by going to the following and entering the Locator
Number in the field with that designation, and search:
Clicking on the record that comes up gives the price of the drawing and a
link to Ordering Information.

These drawings are detailed enough that the N&W may have used them to
manufacture boiler delivery check valves for locomotives constructed in
Roanoke Shops and for replacement of OEM valves.

I hope this helps somewhat.

Gordon Hamilton
Member, NWHS Archives Committee

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> Gentlemen,

> Jimmy and I have been working with Sunset/3rd rail on a model of the M

> 4-8-0 and this is where the question about the top check valve originated.

> I have looked through the 1906 Locomotive Dictionary and a 1925 Loco Cyc.

> and have not found a drawing of a top check valve with rear pipe entry. If

> anyone on the list has other Cyc editions, I'd appreciate it if you could

> look for such a valve.


> Here is a drawing (courtesy of Jimmy's son) of what we think it looks

> like: http://www.oscalemag.com/!models/TopMount.jpg


> Thanks

> Joe Giannovario

> O Scale Trains Magazine

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