N&W in 1912--A sad accident

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The first article stated he was nine years old.


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> "....For one thing, penicillin wasn't discovered until 1928."


> And rescue squads are in existence, well trained and equipped. Now we have

> 'Trauma Centers' and phasing out ERs. How old was the 'little fellow'?

> Charlie Long


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>>Bluefield Daily Telegraph

>>Thu., March 14, 1912




>>Boy Succumbs to Accident Received on West Yard March 4

>> Bryant Davis, the boy who lost his left arm and left leg on the west

>> yard on March 4, died yesterday afternoon at the Bluefield Sanitarium.

>> The little fellow made an unusually game fight against odds and staved

>> off death for over .a week. He was confident all the time that he would

>> not die and so confident did he become in his staying qualities that he

>> deceived everyone but the doctors and nurses, who at times, admitted

>> there was a possible chance for him. The little fellow was on his way

>> home when he met with the accident which caused his death. It appears he

>> met up with two boys and one of them pushed him onto the railroad track,

>> along which a freight train was moving. Before the train could be stopped

>> the little fellow had lost an arm close to the shoulder, and a leg, with

>> which went a part of his hip. It was feared he would not be able to live,

>> but he rallied and showed signs of increasing strength, but he finally

>> had to yield to death. The boy was a son of Mrs. Addi

> e Davis, of Graham, whose husband was the late Drewry Davis.


>>[It is interesting to speculate what difference modern medicine could have

>>made in little Bryant's survival. For one thing, penicillin wasn't

>>discovered until 1928.]


>>Gordon Hamilton




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