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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
Sat., March 16, 1912

Virginian to Improve Roadbed
Owing to the fact that several slides have occurred on the Virginian both east and west of this place, none of the passenger trains have been on time for more than a week. It is said to be the intention of the railroad company to put large forces of men at work sloping the banks in the cuts along the line, the road having been built in such a hurry that, it is claimed, the proper slope was not. given to the banks and fills. In addition several miles of siding is to be put in between this place and Roanoke, while it will be double tracked between Elmore and Mullins, west of here.

Big Slides Delay Traffic
Traffic over the Virginian yesterday was virtually at a standstill due to enormous slides both east and west, of this place. Passenger train No.
13 was reported at noon seven hours late and had not come in at nightfall.
[No. 13 was scheduled out of Roanoke at 7:45 a.m. and into Princeton at 11:35 a.m. in both a 1910 and a 1915 Official Guide.]

Gordon Hamilton
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