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I need help with some Columbus District Questions:
During the mid 50s:
1. Did the cars off of The Pocahontas (#34) remain on Track 4 in CUD all day? If not, where were they stored and which crew moved them back and forth?
2. Were there two crews which worked Joyce Yard? What were their names? Did they work around the clock? What kind of work did each do?
3. Was there one crew at Watkins Yard? What was its name? Did it work around the clock?
4. There were two crossings of the B&O in Chillicothe. For the one at Rennick the tower was N&W manned. What about the one downtown? B&O manned? Did Rennick ever control it?
Did the Chillicothe switcher just work one trick?
5. There was a local east out of Columbus. What was it called? How far did it go?
6. There was a local out of Portsmouth called the Teays. How far did it work? Was there also a local/freight which worked west to Glen Jean/ Waverly? Another to Chillicothe? Or were they all the same?


Glenn Fisher
Cornwall PA
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