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Yes, Russ, he is. Just had dinner with him last week when he was selling
at a train show up here in Cleveland.
Believe it or not, the best way to reach him is look for VGN and N&W t
shirts on eBay and contact him through eBay. He has at least one VGN shirt
on eBay right now; dealer is *sou153* in Lexington, North Carolina.

He keeps producing new product, and now has a fine line of hoodies.

Not to be an SOB, but I don't want to put his regular eMail address on a
list. Sorry.

Frank Bongiovanni

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> All,


> A few years back a gentleman named Dal Cooke produced a line of RR related

> tee shirts, including several N&W and VGN types. Does anyone know if Dal is

> still producing tee shirts and how to get in touch with him?


> Regards,

> Russ Goodwin

> Buford, Ga.


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