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>From the N&W Book of Operating Rules Jan 1, 1967, Page 10:

Engine – A unit propelled by any form of energy, or a combination of such units operated under a single control, used in train or yard service.
That may be what the Book of Operating Rules states, but I knew an operating officer that would take issue with it.
It's April, 1971 and I'm working nights at Lamberts Point when I'm notified to be in Roanoke at 8:00 AM Saturday
for an interview. There, I'm escorted to the sanctum sanctorum and the inquisition begins. It's one question after
another. "You're at Lamberts Point and need a move made. You call the Yardmaster and ask for an engine.
The Yardmaster says there are no engines available. What're you gonna do ?" Fortunately the phone
rang and I had a few moments to consider my answer. No engine ? Why Norfolk Terminal has ALCO T-6's,
ALCO RSD-12's, and FM H16-44's. He must be testing my knowledge of rule book definitions. There'd be
a multitude of power available at the roundhouse. My answer ? "I've never been to Lamberts Point when there
wasn't an engine available".

That's when the inquisitor went to "8" on the Richter scale. From that date forward, I was on his, uh, "hit

You see, in the Gospel according to Richard Freeman Dunlap, an engine is a crew complete with locomotive
and that's all that matters in this whole stinking world. Harry Bundy

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