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And this one may not be in the article but I have heard that
through-freights would fill out their tonnage with coal... Which end of the train would
the hoppers most likely be on or in the middle?

N&W did add a coal filler to certain through-freights. In N&W terms,
they were "Bull Dogs".

N&W's "Freight Train Schedules and Classifications" will show you the
priority and the
position of the coal.(I can't find mine) for certain scheduled freight
From Scioto Division Time Table No. 10 (eff. 4/29/56), the fair
weather tonnage rating for
A;s, Y-5's and Y-6's was 6500 tons Williamson to Portsmouth, but for
Bull Dogs and No. 89,
it was increased to 10,000 tons. Harry Bundy

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