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Track restrictions requiring the use of Z-1 locomotives on certain
Pocahontas Division branch lines included light rail (generally 100-lb. or
less); lightly constructed bridges, generally timber trestles; and/or heavy

Tug River pool crews ran out of Williamson with about 160 loads and a Y-6 on
each end and set off half their train at Farm and continued to Bluefield,
still with a Y-6 on each end. The 80 cars set off at Farm would be moved by
Elkhorn Turn crews operating out of Bluefield. They also would operate with
a Y-6 on each end.

Time freights on the main line of the Pocahontas Division normally were not
filled out with coal. That was not true, however, on he Clinch Valley,
where most of the time freights handled a substantial volume of coal. This
operation will be covered in a future article, but the coal and time freight
could be anywhere in the train.

Thanks for your questions.

Louis Newton

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> 1. "Takin' Twenty" with the Virginian Brethren by Skip Salmon

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> 2. N&W moving coal (NW Mailing List)



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> Subject: "Takin' Twenty" with the Virginian Brethren by Skip Salmon

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> Last night I had the pleasure of "Takin' Twenty" with eight of the

> Brethren and Friends of the Virginian Railway. I passed around my note

> book of photos of the new Norfolk Southern Heritage units, with the

> latest being the original Norfolk Southern. With it was a photo I got

> last week of the Central of Georgia, when I spotted it near South Yard.

> I followed until it got to the refueling area, and moved very carefully

> not to be seen as trespassing, when I heard a voice say: "Get over there

> and I'll take your picture in front of it". It turned out to be one of

> the lady fuel truck drivers who refuel the diesel engine tanks there. I

> have posted on this site under "Skip's Photos" that lucky shot. Also I

> asked Harry Bundy, who worked for the original Norfolk Southern (NS

> operator and worked with VGN operators), if he ever thought he would see

> a brand new NS AC 4400 HP diesel painted in the old NS colors. He

> responded "I didn't...The old Norfolk Southern took good care of the

> Baldwins...not one ounce over the tonnage ratings; a thorough inspection

> at Glenwood Shops (Raleigh) after the first 229 miles from Norfolk; and

> before completing the next leg of the journey to Charlotte, and a force

> of women who wiped the carbody down with cloths after every federal

> test. I wonder if today's NS will be that particular?"


> For Show and Tell I took my most recent ebay purchase: Five different

> Virginian Railway forms. Form 1709, Company Surgeon's Report Covering

> Physical Examination which asked if applicant had ever had "fits" and

> had the physician state if "His his appearance is that of a temperate

> man?"; Form 1708, Report of Vision and Hearing Test which tested for

> colors red, green, yellow and blue; Form 315-15M Daily Report of

> billings and weights;Form 1121, Bid on New and Vacant Runs, and Form

> 602-1/2, Request for Virginian Trip Passes which designated "White" or

> "Colored" and "must be prepared by use of a typewriter". Frank, these

> forms will be entered into the N&WHS Archives system and made available.


> The ebay report this time includes the following Virginian Railway items

> sold: Trust Plate for $99.00; Original Employee Safety First Pin (with

> screw back) for $47.53; "The Virginian Handbook" for $28.00; H. Reid's

> Book for $24.95 and a Negative of H16-44 #33 in Roanoke in 1959 for

> $10.51.


> Also passed around was the latest June 2012 "Trains Magazine" which has

> on the inside back cover a great shot of the Roanoke Chapter Alco T-6

> #41 pulling two cabooses and NS Exhibition Car on the way to the

> Appomattox Rail Days last October 7, crossing the Cotton Mill Trestle in

> Lynchburg, VA. This issue has a great Don Phillips article on page 12

> about his first trip to Roanoke in 1958. Russell McDaniel remembered Don

> and his work with N&W while he was Manager Motive Power and

> Equipment-Locomotive. Also, with it being a reminder of Landon Gregory's

> stopping the 90 MPH Atlantic Coast Line "Champion" at Jarratt, VA for a

> VGN coal train,Page 11 reports that Norfolk Southern has placed a speed

> restriction on 41.2 miles of Amtrak trains between Ann Arbor and

> Kalamazoo, Michigan from 79 to 25 miles per hour . Also page 61 has an

> article and outstanding photo of newly painted N&W 1776 in Bristol,

> TN/VA during her trip back home to Roanoke from Chattanooga.


>>From the "Kumis" siding origin saga, this week Kevin Kittridge posted

> in his "Roanoke Times" column, a theory submitted by Joe Young in Texas.

> The Young theory is that perhaps Kumis was named after Kumisi, a place

> in Georgia (the country, not the Peach State). It is great to see that

> the Virginian Nation now includes part of the great Nation of Texas!


> I asked the Brethren about a recent discussion about the cutting back of

> passenger service to three times a week in the late 1940s because of a

> coal strike. None recalled anything about it.


> The Jewel from the Past is from January 12, 2006: "Bob Rowland, was his

> usual jovial self and told of having a pet turkey at his grandmothers

> farm near Princeton, WV, when he was a child. The turkey would play with

> them as any pet would do, but several times got mad and 'bold him over'.

> He said that after one of these encounters, his grandmother 'invited the

> turkey to have Thanksgiving Dinner with us'".


> Time to pull he pin on this one!


> Departing Now from V248,


> Skip Salmon




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> Thanks to Louis Newton for outlining the way the N&W moved coal.

> I have a few questions (anyone who knows can answer, this isn't directed

> to Mr. Newton):

> "...Some mines used Z1's etc because of track restrictions..." What types

> of restrictions?

> "...would leave half of their train at Farm and doublehead over the

> grade...? How would the rest of the train get there? Did they leave it at

> the next yard and come back for it?

> And this one may not be in the article but I have heard that

> through-freights would fill out their tonnage with coal... Which end of

> the train would the hoppers most likely be on or in the middle?

> thank you all for helping a person who didn't get to watch the railroad I

> love doing its job.

> Michael Shockley

> N&W Guyandotte Division

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