Walton: The Source of the Name ?

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Fri May 4 12:18:08 EDT 2012

I've always wondered about the source of the name "Walton."  None of the early maps I have seen of that area use the name there.

While reading old issues of Railway Age recently, I ran across a small 1899 article mentioning that grading for the new Cut Off had been assigned to Walton, Luck & Co. of Falls Mills, Va.  Perhaps the name of Mr. Walton of Walton & Luck somehow stuck to the location at the east end junction for the new Cut Off.  (Railway Age, vol. 27, March 24, 1899, pp. 203-204.)

I have attached a two page PDF of the 1899 article.  If the List Emperor can't make an attachment of it, I'll be happy to send it to anyone telegraphing me at this email addy:  pravoslavna2  AT  yahoo  DOT  com

-- abram burnett
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