Walton Cutoff

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Fri May 4 13:52:02 EDT 2012

My understanding is that the restoration of double track between Walton
and Pepper (and Radford) is already in the long term plans for future
Cresent Corridor upgrades.

I was under the impression that besides the second track from Walton
to Pepper being removed in the early 60s, much of the double track
between Belspring and Kellysville was also removed around the same
time. I would presume the track reductions were in response to a
reduction in trains in this stretch with the routing of all loaded
coal over the Virginian.

I have also been told that with the removal of the Virginian between
Kellysville and Narrows in the 70s, that the N&W restored some double
track between those points that had been removed less than ten years

I don't have 60s era track charts in front of me to confirm the info in
the above two paragraphs. Is it true, or have I been misinformed?

Joe Shaw
Christiansburg, VA

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