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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
Sun., May 12, 1912

Was Appointed Yesterday to Succeed Three Now Serving
The N. & W. Official Was Agreed on By All of The Mortgage Holding Companies--Will Enter Upon Duties First of Week
Detroit, Mich., May 11. (Special).- In the federal court here Geo. C Johnson, of Bluefield, W. Va., was appointed receiver of' the Detroit, Toledo and Ironton Railroad, succeeding three receivers named a year ago, Benjamin S. Warren, Detroit; Thomas D. Rhodes, New York, and C. P. Lowell, Chicago and Detroit. The resignation of the three receivers was voluntary, the step being taken in order to simplify the reorganization of the road. The representatives of the three trust companies agreed upon Mr. Johnson, who has had no connection with the road, as one in a position to properly act for all three mortgage interests. Mr. Johnson has not filed his bond, but It is understood he will do so either Monday or Tuesday. Until then the old receivers will remain in charge.
What everyone will want to know now is who is to be the next general superintendent: Will it be W. S. Becker, the well known Pocahontas division superintendent, for whom there has been a tremendous sentiment among the railroad men and among the largest shippers on the road, who are even reported to have taken their case to Roanoke, or will it be J. T. Carey, superintendent of the Scioto division? If either of these men get.the place, who will succeed them? Will W. R. Dawson, assistant superintendent on the Pocahontas division be promoted to the superintendency of the Pocahontas division to succeed Mr. Becker? It is well known that some strong influences have worked in behalf of Mr. Dawson, and if he is appointed superintendent, will he be succeeded by Trainmaster Harry Weller, one of the best equipped young men on the road.
The very best information one can secure in Bluefield is that the president and general manager of the Norfolk and Western will pass over the line tonight on train No. 16, and it is believed that in the wake of their passage there will be news which will settle the matter. Others are just as confident that the appointments will be made at Roanoke on Tuesday and announced from there. If any one in Bluefield does know, he is keeping the information mighty close and no rumors with any foundation are afloat. The ones most concerned say they know nothing, and will say nothing. From Columbus and Cincinnati last night there came no word by telegraph although an attempt was made to secure the information from the president, general manager or retiring general superintendent.
George. P. Johnson came to the western division as .general superintendent in 1907. Previous to that time he was superintendent of the Scioto division. .Since he came to the western division the road has made a wonderful showing, and Mr. Johnson has made hundreds of warm friends by his progressive methods which have commanded the respect of railroad men who know a railroad man, and admit it in shop track talk.
Regarding his successor, the Daily Telegraph has no information, but is willing to let the guess made, when this paper first exclusively announced that Mr. Johnson would be made receiver of the Detroit, Toledo and Ironton, stand. At that time it was popular speculation that W. S. Becker would be general superintendent, W. R. Dawson, superintendent, and H. C. Weller, assistant.
The most likely forecast now is that Jas. T Carey will be general superintendent.
Gordon Hamilton
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