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What you saw were the guys from the research group who test and
inspect the track on the entire NS system.

The NS 34 "slug" is filled with concrete to place weight upon the
tracks. It is loaded with state-of-the-art instruments that measure
the gauge and geometry of the rails while the track is under load.
The cab was restored to house some of the electronics that go with
the instruments. The passenger car is also loaded with equipment to
record the test results, GPS equipment to track the train's position,
and cameras to record the condition of the track and right-of-way. If
trouble is found, the system sprays color-coded paint so the track
crews know where to fix the problem.

The units are based out of Roanoke but travel all over the NS system.


At 01:58 PM 9/6/2012, you wrote:

>This morning we observed a three car train leaving the North

>Carolina State Port at Morehead City, NC, heading west toward New

>Bern. The lead car was a modified passenger car labeled "Research"

>#33. Immediately behind it was a unit labeled #34 that looked like

>a modified slug. It still had the cab, but the center was cut down,

>suggesting that the prime mover had been removed. It might have

>been an APU of some kind. It was painted dark red, to match the #33

>Research car. These two cars(?) were being pushed by a GP38,

>#5609. Any information on the nature of the "research" this unit

>does would be appreciated. Also, what does the faux-slug #34 do? Many thanks.



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